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BSI ASSET360 is RegTech, part of a new breed of information technology that enhances efficiency and creates transparency. Using predictive and rules-based analytics, ASSET360 enables us to identify issues before they become problems, presenting us a clarified granular view of the portfolio down to the loan level.

Each day we load ASSET360 with 10,000 data elements on every loan we service. Then we evaluate each loan using more than 600 business rules, looking for exceptions and missing documentation. Exceptions are routed to servicing teams to reconciliation and resolution.

ASSET360 also offers our clients unparalleled visibility into loan status, condition and performance. They can view the current status of any loan in their portfolio. They can track loan workouts, including dates and milestones. With the help of ASSET360, the discussions we have with clients are not only about loan status, but the steps we can take to improve it.

RegTech unmasks risk and provides clarity. BSI ASSET360 is RegTech that allows us to work smarter and more efficiently, providing our clients the information and services they need to manage their assets.

It's a better way to maintain quality while creating transparency.

Release 5.26

02/12/2023 - Changes in 'Activity Log' screen and 'System Tracking' screen and System Updates

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Release 5.25

01/08/2023 - Enhancement in Investor Portal, Sagent Scripts and System Updates

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Release 5.24

12/11/2022 - Enhancement in Investor Portal and Security Mechanism Enhanced

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Release 5.23

11/06/2022 - Insurance Payee Codes added in A360 (Internal to BSI)

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Release 5.22

09/11/2022 - Automating 'Worksheet Summary' and 'Worksheet Account Summary' changes in IR datamart

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Release 5.21

09/04/2022 - Summary sheet changes in IR datamart

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Release 5.20

08/21/2022 - API Script changes, IR datamart changes and 'AP Late Charge Index Type' isn't mandatory in Client Details

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Release 5.19

07/24/2022 - IR datamart changes and Late Fees captured in Client Details

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Release 5.18

05/15/2022 - Billing Changes

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Release 5.17

05/08/2022 - Billing Changes

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Release 5.16

04/02/2022 - Billing Enhancements

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Release 5.15

08/22/2021 - New features added and code optimization added

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Release 5.14

07/25/2021 - New security features added and new tracking field added within Client Details

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Release 5.13

07/11/2021 - New security features added, and search ability added in Report Setting and in Configure User Permission

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Release 5.12

05/23/2021 - Enhancements in 'Configure InvestorPortal Control' screen and excel download enhanced in 'Investor Portal' process

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Release 5.11

04/25/2021 - Enhancements in 'Client Details' screen and Add search capabilities in 'Configure Investor Portal Control' page

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Release 5.10

03/28/2021 - System Upgrade

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Release 5.9

02/28/2021 - New enhancements made. Please click on Read More to read details

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Release 5.8

01/10/2021 - Enhanced client details process

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Release 5.7

11/22/2020 - Enhanced client details process and altered the Terms and Conditions location

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Release 5.6

7/19/2020 - Streamlined the investor setup process and removed unused menu references to speed up the application

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Release 5.5

6/28/2020 - Investor Portal updates and login release notes splash page.

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Release 5.4

5/17/2020 – Investor Portal Foreclosure tab was updated. Release Notes section added to the login page of Asset360.

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Release 5.3

5/3/2020 - Investor Portal was updated with additional information on the Loan Status and Property Status tabs.

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Release 5.2

4/19/2020 - Significant formatting updates were made to the Loan Servicing Notes and Transaction History Screens.

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Release 5.1

3/22/2020 - The Investor portal was enhanced with an additional section called Customer Contact. Enhancements were also made to the Property Status screen to include additional information.

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Release 5.0

2/23/2020 - The search function was enhanced to allow users to search for individual loans without knowing the specific BSI loan number.

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